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Lani’s artistic calling was apparent early in life as evidenced by her drawing in and on her books and papers as a child.  She grew up watching her mother paint and was exposed to artwork from other relatives hanging on home walls.  The passion to create became reality in adulthood only after her children started school and she began attending classes at the Art Student’s League of Denver with Kim English.  After serving as Kim’s class monitor for four years she began attending a painting group in Loveland Colorado, formed by Richard Schmid and stayed with it for six years.  These two artists have been the most influential on her work, along with numerous masters such as Anders Zorn, John Singer Sargent, Bettina Steinke and many others.  Lani began visualizing her paintings as “liquid light”, “It is light that I paint” she says.  “Paint is the liquid light from which I strive to create visual poetry.”

Lani is a native of Colorado now living on a few acres in the south part of the state. Her work is known for simple shapes, values, and brushstrokes, expressing a myriad of subject matter including animals, still lifes, landscapes and figures. Her goal is to evoke an emotional response to a subject reflecting her belief that all things, living and non-living, are equally significant and essential to the whole.


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